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Caddo Lake State Park straddles the border of Texas and Louisiana. Here you’ll have the opportunity to photograph the largest Cypress tree forest in the world.You’ll find many of the Cypress trees covered with spanish moss. Your best bet is renting a canoe from the park and heading out into the waters. There are also many aquatic plants to photograph that cover many parts of the lake including water Lily, American Lotus and many others. Wildlife at Caddo Lake includes alligator, owls and eagles. There have even been many reports of bigfoot sightings at the lake!

Sunrises are beautiful here and if you have the chance to come when it’s foggy, definitely take advantage. The fog sits directly above the lake and makes for some erie photos!

You’ll want to bring your large camera bag as you’ll be faced with an array of subjects. A Normal focal length lens (Nikon / Canon) and Wide Angle Lens (Nikon / Canon) for all the grande views of Cypress trees.  For long exposures when photographing at sunrise or sunset , make sure to bring: Tripod & Tripod Ball Head, and Shutter Release (Nikon / Canon).

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